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I will miss Tina’s conversations. She was a welcome visitor to me both online, and in person, as she brought her joy and laughter that knew no bounds. It reminds me of the time, while she was in training in Calgary, when she visited her grandmother (my mother) whenever she came to Edmonton. It brought joy to Mom’s life and a realization that she went out of her way to see Grama. We shared watching each others church services on line when the pandemic hit. It is true that there was a tremendous change in Tina’s life after she attended and became part of the recovery program. I am so happy for this remarkable result and look forward to seeing Tina again when my journey on this earth is complete. May her life in the past four years result in others rededicating their lives to the almighty Saviour and his ways. There is no better way to live than is His loving care and love for mankind. I have been enriched by Tina’s love and care for those older than her. May God bless the memory of her fellowship and recognize her genuine care for others.
—Ida Yuzwenko, Aunt
Tina was so beautiful inside and out. Was willing to help anyone, I will miss her.
—Shirley Cameron

Dear Tina:
The human soul is like a gentle rain:
It comes from heaven and returns thereto
And down to earth once more and up again,
Forever alternating to and fro.

—Arthur Thormann, 2nd cousin

Tina’s last lesson for us at Celebrate Recovery

Tina shared, just a couple days before she passed away, that Jesus was meeting her in her brokenness. She had recently endured so many hard situations but as she cried out to the Lord, He met with her. She was never closer to God than just before she went to be with him!

—Catherine Dagneau

Where to start

I have visited this site several times over the couple weeks and been both at a loss as to where to start and what to say. Thank you to Tina’s family for setting this up and providing everyone who loved Tina a chance to express themselves and process their grief. My thoughts were with you over what must have been a very difficult Christmas season. After thinking about where to start…it came to me. We had a brief visit, summer before last I think? Tina made a comment about me and how this particular thing had not changed. I laughed and we talked of other things. But I was deeply struck by her ability to draw on a memory and use it to reveal something that I had forgotten about myself. It was just a simple observation and moment in time, but she offered up something completely empowering and uncovered something long buried that needed to be surfaced. What a gift….what a loss for us all when a light like that goes out. She remembered and recalled. She forgave and she worked at relationships and connection. I have more to say and share but will leave it here for now. My heart is heavy.

—Amanda Swoboda

Thea’s love will not forget

Tina and I shared an unusual and sincere care for each other’s well being.
We met at a time of hardship and changes, and bonded over a common difficulty, paramount to all others.
When I could be of help to her and to Thea, then only a year old, Thea and I became fast buddies on a four day adventure across the province.

Over the years, Tina and I had only caught up on a handful of occasions, but enjoyed a trusted depth in spiritual health that few relationships in my life are privileged.

When Tina, being merely responsible to rare chances, had asked me in the summer if I would be a god-parent to Thea were anything to happen, there was no hesitation for me to agree and be honoured. Neither of us could know or have anticipated a tragedy arising as it did. Thrown by disbelief and great sadness, I welcome this new sidekick to my life and pray I can love Thea as deeply as I know she has received from Tina.
Thea has been through some big changes and enjoyed variety of new environments and friends these past few weeks, but I cant help feeling that Tina is still with her somehow–who am I to think a dog could ever forget?
Knowing Tina and seeing her well not long ago was a gift, and remembering her will be the strongest guidance in Thea’s care.

Goodbye, Tina. Your four-legged legacy lovingly licks on 🙂

—Michael Jenkins

Tina was an amazing friend. I miss her 😢

—Cindy Anderson

I just wanted you to know how much of a shock it was to hear of Tina’s passing. I had spoken to her at work that past week and told her I was one of many missing her smile and bright & warm personality due to Covid. Being in a spiritual program with Tina and seeing her generous nature to give back through service was beautiful to see. I had stopped by her work as I was thinking of new glasses and Tina assisted me in picking out the pair I currently wear. She is truly missed as a bright light among her friends …. God grant us the serenity to accept the things we cannot change. I’m so happy Thea is in a new loving home….Tina would be at peace with this. Until we meet again….rest in peace my friend.


—Judy Macpherson

I took these photographs of Tina over the years of our friendship.
She brought Thea over to meet my little chihuahua… Thea was exuberant  and I had to rescue my wee dog!
I miss Tina, not a day goes by I don’t think of her.
Always with ‘I have to show this to Tina’
Yes, I miss her.

—Elaine Kelly

Tina was a beautiful, creative, energetic young woman and I’m thankful for the memories of the “young girl” next door! Walter, Crystal and Quinn, you are in our prayers.

—Christine Unruh

Best Manager I’ve ever had.

My heart goes out too the Rusnell family, Tina was my work manager/co worker, my friend, and a fellow believer in the Lord. We shared many laughs and memories together. She taught me anything I wanted to know when it came to optical questions, she was always there to help me and help others any way she could. Never have I met someone so kind and calm like Tina was. A godly women who never let anyone steal her Joy. We need more people like Tina in this world. She was a great leader and great person, we miss her here at the optical store in Mission every single day. Just before her passing we shared a laugh together…..
We shared that it is ok when the day comes that we pass away only because we already know where we are going, that was our last conversation:(. I miss Tina everyday but I do know where she is and look forward to seeing her again one day. Forever missed and forever in our hearts. God Bless Tina.

—Jehoshua Stevenson

My deepest condolences to Tina’s Family 😢 It’s crazy how some people can have such an impact in your life. I knew Tina through our church Parkside, but more through Celebrate Recovery. Tina was “Real” She had such a heart for people. I was just getting to know Tina more. We were in leadership roles at Celebrate Recovery and were suppose to be together Thursday night with the others for Christmas dinner and talks. Unfortunately Tina wasn’t feeling good so she couldn’t make it. I was looking forward to talking together.
For Tina’s Family, my heart is broken. I am so sorry for your loss, but I am so happy for Tina to be in the arms of her saviour. We will see each other again Hallelujah!!!
Tina, I miss you and I will see you again! I am so glad that you pushed to start Celebrate Recovery in our church and I’m so glad I had the chance to meet you! You are a great friend that I will miss. 😢
To Tina’s Mom and Dad. I don’t know you yet, but I will meet you soon. Tina was a wonderful Beautiful person inside and out! She had her struggles, but don’t we all? She loved the Lord with all her heart and now she is in HIS arms. Rest In Peace sister! I love you! Well done good and faithful servant

—Vince Krikau

Gone from our sight but always in our Hearts 💕 You’re missed dearly Tina 😢♥️

—Gurjeet Brar

Still can’t get into site but heres my story that I will forever remember Tina by….

I got to know Tina through Glory house. We shared the fact that we were both gluten free. We all had a part in bringing the groceries in. Tina told me one day that she was putting any gluten free snacks in a secret cupboard just for us. She was on it! Tina taught me the greatest trick I have ever known to thicken soup since we were both gluten free and flour wouldn’t do. She said cook some veggies in my stock. Then take a hand held blender and blend those vegetables. Then add whatever else you wanted to it. It worked! It thickened the soup. Since then I always think of Tina when I make soup. I always will. Ill carry a part of her with me always. ❤

—Cindy Anderson

From Facebook

We are lost for words. Tina always had a huge heart and made everyone feel welcomed. She will be forever missed. Our deepest condolences to everyone in her family. If you need anything please reach out. 

—Sindy Baxter
I’m so sorry for your Loss .  I’m going to misssss Tina lotttttts   she was a beautiful person inside out.  
I feel realllllly sorry for Tina’s mum and her very spoiled puppy who must be waiting for her mom to come back home and all her loved ones.  
Entire superstore team is heartbroken   and we are going to miss you a lot Tina.
—Gurjeet Brar

You loved your job, your church, your family and friends and your dog Thea was your world. So kind and giving. You were always there for everyone.
Why does God keep taking the good ones?

—Cindy Anderson

Was such an awesome close friend to me ….she was my family by choice…
Didn’t even get to say goodbye   

—Kelly W

My dear high school best friend passed away on Friday. I am in utter shock. The past two years have seen so much loss. Natalie and Julie I miss you girls and wish we could be together right now. Tina – you were so loved

Here’s a better one of us. Even though your eyes were closed you were always beautiful. Such deep sadness tonight.

—Alison Noelle

I am in such shock to hear of your passing Tina! This was many years ago but years I will always remember. You were such a kind and caring person with a heart of gold! Till we meet again

—Steve Malin

Rest in peace my dear Tee

—Nat Smith Dumont

Tina Rusnell I am glad Father Brought you into my life at one of the lowest times. May you Dance with the Angels UWMA XOOX

—Raylen Milne

Our Deepest sympathy to you. We are so sad to hear about Tina’s passing. Her laugh was infectious. We will miss her. We pray that God will be so close to you in your grief. May he carry you through this impossible time.

—Carolyn Kaminksi Reddekopp

Many moons ago, this is the first weekend we spent together as cousins celebrating Grandma Manning’s birthday. We would continue to talk over the years but only had one other in person visit. I wish we would have done that more and regret that we didn’t. Until we meet again Tina

—Nadine Meads

Tina, I can only imagine………..and you don’t need to imagine anymore……I know you are enjoying being in the presence of God

—Heather VanDerWerff

You were such a kind hearted lady. You will be missed. Rest in Peace my friend. My heart goes out to your family

—Denise Martin Koch

I’ve created this small video in the memory of our dear friend Tina Rusnell, who passed away on December 10, 2021:

Tina worked with us as an ‘Optical manager’ for 5 years and she really touched so many hearts and made a difference in so many lives. 

Customers to this day come and ask about Tina:)  she is missed dearly by her department colleagues and entire store team. Our optical department will never be the same without you Tina.

Tina and I worked together in PCX department during pandemic when they had to close down optical department for a few months and that’s when I got to know her so much more as a friend.

I always stopped by at optical department when Tina was working and said hi and we always had a small chat about how things have been. I miss that routine so so much and don’t even goto optical department that much anymore.

She loved her Dog Thea with her whole heart and treated her like her baby and it breaks my heart everytime I think about her dog as Tina always talked about Thea.

May her soul Rest In Peace and may God give strength to her family especially her mom and her baby dog.

“Although she is gone from our sight but she will always be in our hearts and will be missed dearly”. 

—Gurjeet Brar

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