Guest Photo Gallery

Celebration Service Photos

These photos were taken on February 6, 2020, at Tina’s Celebration of Life Service. You can download 5 x 7 inch prints by clicking the Download print button. It will open the image in its own window where you can right click and select the download image option.

Family-Alysi, Phi, Nancy, Carol, Mom(Christal) Dad(Walter), Anita, Hein

Memorial Wreath

Church Activities

Visual display of Tina’s life

Ryan & Jen & family

Christal & Walter Rusnell

Quinn Eulogy

Anita (aunt) message from family

Micheal, Thea &

Micheal, Thea, Kiley

Micheal and Kiley

Micheal, Thea and 

A warm thanks to everyone who has submitted their photos so far.

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Website Submissions

from Brenda Petersen

Friends forever

from Niki Birbilis

Friends forever

from Niki Birbilis
from Elaine Kelly
from Gurjeet Brar
from Gurjeet Brar
from Gurjeet Brar
from Gurjeet Brar
from Gurjeet Brar

How’s Thea Doing?

Hello friends,
Attached are a few of my favourite pics of or with Thea.
Please feel free to use them however you wish.
My written submission was already sent a couple days ago, and files are cooperating now.
Thea is getting a lot of love and attention, visiting many natural environs, sleeping by stove fires, and discussing the meaning of squirrels.
We are starting to read each other’s minds… and she convinces me telepathically that steak tartare is a superior option to kibble.

–Michael Jenkins

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