Tina May Rusnell

July 29, 1977 December 10, 2021

In Loving Memory,

Our beloved daughter, sister, cousin, niece & friend

Let’s Remember

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This purpose of this site is to provide a lasting legacy for Tina where her loved ones can share their thoughts, wishes, stories, and photos celebrating Tina’s life.

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Rusnell family picnic at Lighthouse Park, West Vancouver, 2010
Tina, Walter, Christal, Quinn

Welcome to this interactive page in which we can all share our recollections of Tina’s life with each other. Feel free to share your memories and pictures here as we together process the grief that we are all feeling from the sudden loss of Tina in our lives.

In spite of, or perhaps because of, the challenges that Tina had overcome in her life, she had a generous heart for those who were needy that came across her path. Particularly in the last few years she had grown in her ability to be thankful every day as she extending understanding, mercy and forgiveness to others. 

This did not happen by coincidence or even by her own strength. Rather she was becoming more like the Jesus she served, as she surrendered more and more to him.  He was the source of the increasing peace and joy that she was experiencing, in spite of the ongoing challenges she faced.

Thank you for being part of her life. May we all be better people for knowing her and learn how to be gracious and merciful even in the midst of our own challenges. 

Even in her passing we can be part of her  legacy by contributing towards what was her passion. This included those she touched through several organizations that are engaged in helping those who have struggles in life to become healthy individuals and then reengage with their community.

Phil Jeske, Uncle
Christmas 2020 at the Rusnell’s with Tina’s best friends Jose and Thea

An afternoon at Kuta Beach, Bali 2012
Amelia (friend), Quinn (brother), Tina, Marchel (sister inlaw)

Celebrating the Life of Tina May Rusnell

On Sunday, February 6, 2022, Tina’s family, friends and church gathered to celebrate her life.

Follow this link if you have troubles viewing the video here: https://vimeo.com/674236160

Photos are available to view, download, and print at 5 x 7 inch on our Gallery page.

Many people have been asking about Tina’s cause of death. We know very few details so far. The hospital has been less than helpful in providing any information.

All we know thus far is that she died from a cardiac arrest due to a blood clot in the heart. It seems it happened quite suddenly, although she had been feeling unwell for at least a day previously, cancelling a meeting she had helped setup.

She had contracted Covid-19 about 1 month previously. However, she had been cleared from that and back to work at least 2 weeks before. So it’s possible there was an indirect complication with the virus infection, but it’s not certain.

Benevolence Fund

In Honour of Tina Rusnell

Tina had a big and generous heart for helping people, especially those in need. We have established a charity with her church in order to honour and extend Tina’s legacy of helping those in her community who need assistance getting back on their feet.

Instead of sending flowers or other condolence or Christmas gifts to any of the Rusnell’s, please consider donating online to help us set up this charity in her name.

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